CSA La Tabacalera

Best Digital Twin for Arts & Culture - Official Winner

Entry Description

Vluks and Tabacalera joined forces to immortalize the corridors of the largest social center in Europe. Now the cultural icon of the Lavapiés neighborhood and of Madrid opens its doors digitally so that you can visit it whenever you want, from any device and wherever you are.

The model allows the visitor to walk through the different areas of the center and experience every detail of its facilities in 360º.
The re version contains a quick access menu to the 23 groups, the documentaries about the center, and the more than 100 artists whose works decorate the former factory. Each mural work contains information points and redirection to the author's multimedia content.

The virtualization work of La Tabacalera was carried out by the non-profit Vluks team with the sole purpose of culturally disseminating both the artists who decorate the walls of the center, as well as the groups and their activities.

As it is an icon in underground culture and because of its notable influence on the cultural life of Madrid, we take the project as a small contribution by Vluks to Spanish culture to the Lavapiés neighborhood and to culture in general.

Project video (with English subtitles)


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