Hangar Air Rescue „Pelican 1“

Entry Description

This is a Helicopter Hangar of the famous “Pelikan 1“, the first air rescue Helicopter in South Tyrol / Dolomites (Italian Alps)
The Model where made with a Pro3 camera and there are 3 persons inside the tour. The difficould was to made it as fast as possible, because every minute can be a Emergency. For that the better speed of the Pro3, no allingment errors helped a lot!
The Tour will be presented on local media and in a newsletter to all 40.000 members of the white cross. The volunteers of the White Cross serve the population with patient transport and first aid.
This tour allows everyone to take a look inside the Air rescue Hangar, as real as if they where there.


Nice (Posted 2022-11-14 22:27:56)

Interesting capture, could do with better markings.

By: Bernhart

I like it! (Posted 2022-11-11 07:51:01)

Good luck!

By: Oliver
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