Unique 5 Star Kastens Hotel Luisenhof

Best Digital Twin of 2022 - Official Winner

Entry Description

This is a project with many unique features. About 2800 scan points were made with the Pro2 to be used at the end of 1913. The most striking feature "99% of the doors are locked and still displayed cleanly in the dollhouse view"! Nevertheless, all rooms are correctly assigned and mapped.

In comparison to all competitors, where only the selected rooms/rooms are scanned and shown, we have recorded "all" rooms and thus actually created a "complete" dollhouse. The customer then selected certain rooms and made them accessible to the visitor.

All this is very easy to use thanks to MPskin with a well-data menu and the virtual visit has become very clear.

After a short training session, the customer was actually able to design 98% of the matter tags and the menu himself.

We have succeeded in presenting this approx. 8000sqm in such detail and yet the initial loading time is only a little longer than with comparable projects

The matter tags are not only stored with simple information, but also with functions such as "take the elevator" or switch from one suit to the next.

The hotel has changed its entire website for this and the highlight:

The guest can start his booking directly from the desired room with 1 click.


Head of Sales & Marketing (Posted 2022-11-20 02:42:51)

Great support!

By: Carsten Feuerhake

Too long (Posted 2022-11-14 22:32:20)

Nice work, could do with less scanpoints to travel around the building. You might be able to book a room with 1 click but you need 300 clicks to go to the room.

By: Bernhart
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