AlUla: Wonder of Arabia, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Best Digital Twin for Historical Preservation 2023 - Official Winner Untitled Award

Entry Description

Explore AlUla, an ancient Arabic oasis city in Saudi Arabia, through a captivating living museum. Preserved tombs, sandstone outcrops, and historic monuments narrate 200,000 years of unexplored human history. Captured by the Matterport Pro 3 camera, this ongoing project was showcased at the World Travel Tourism in Dubai and the World Travel Market in London (2023), offering participants a virtual journey with VR headsets.


Up close and personal (Posted 2024-02-14 21:03:23)

I absolutely love this as a virtual tour. We dont always get to take the time to look at history up close and personal like this but it is so nice to be able to be this close and appreciate our history in this way.

By: Kosta Pinirou
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