Mühlenhof Open-Air Museum: Educational mission from the heart on a new digital level.

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Preserving educational history. Learn digitally how Münsterlanders lived and worked from the 17th to the 20th century. Discover crafts, schools, gastronomy and life in the past in a unique way. The open-air tour of the site manages to serve an educational mission completely digitally in an authentic way. Together with art historians and educators, an extraordinary tour has been created that turns learning into a child's play! Discover not only the incomparable open-air museum with its historic buildings, but even the areas that are closed to real visitors!

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Berufswahl mit Spaß im Freilichtmuseum Mühlenhof Münster (Posted 2024-02-13 01:29:15)

Was man mit einem Freilichtmuseum sonszt noch erreiche3n kann Was man mit einem Freilichtmuseum noch sinnvolles anstellen kann, ich habe als pensionierter Berufsberater perspektivisch ein wenig zusätzliche Info programmiert, Thema "Außerschulischer Lernort" hier klicken und schauen https://berndehrigorientierungscoach.webador.de/handwerk-berufswahl-im-muehlenhof

By: Bernd

Frau (Posted 2024-02-06 05:07:38)

It is a great open-air museum. There are buildings (16th to 19th centuries). It is a journey through time into the world of our ancestors.

By: Inge

Frau (Posted 2024-02-05 22:35:02)

It iis an lovely place. We enjoy it since years to ho there

By: Sabine
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